Molflow documentation

10-minute quick start guide

Good for beginners, walks you through the basics of creating a simple geometry and extracting results.

Webinar (new)

Series of narrated screen recordings walking you through Molflow's features

The algorithm behind Molflow 2.6+

Contains additional information of how pressure is calculated, and how the time-dependent mode works

User guide for Molflow 2.4

​More detailed description from the user's point of view. Written in 2013, the screenshots are somewhat outdated

Molflow CLI Documentation

Documentation for the Command Line Interface application that launched with Molflow 2.9.0

TE-VSC simulation knowledge base (CERN internal)

Material data, availibility of software and general tips


Documents what's new


EVC-16 tutorial

SOLEIL 2021 Tutorial

JUAS 2021 Tutorial

Practical days for eight student of the Joint University Accelerator Course

Molflow for sputtering simulations

Training for CERN's chemistry team, using Molflow for coating profiles

JUAS 2020 Tutorial

A slightly updated version of the CAS 2017 tutorial

ALS 2019 Tutorial​

CERN Accelerator School 2017 tutorial

Contains two steady-state simulations: one guiding through simple pumping speed estimation (through manual calculation, formulas, profiles and textures) and one applying these methods on a fictional accelerator part.

61th AVS Synopsium tutorial

​Contains two step-by-step guides to setting up a basic, then a time-dependent example.

KEK seminar on the 26th of November 2014

​Contains the source files and a step-by-step video of a simple RF cavity pressure calculation


TU Munich Seminar

Overview of Monte Carlo simulation methods and Molflow (147 MB)

Molflow online help

Getting started with Molflow

Creating Molflow geometries


Camera controls

Selecting facets / vertices

Facet parameters panel

Simulation panel

Viewer options








Profile plotter

Texture plotter

Histogram plotter

Texture scaling

3D Viewer settings

Collapse dialog

Facet align

Facet rotation

Creating outgassing maps

Facet selection groups

Global settings



Periodic BCs (Teleport)

Updater tool


7-zip compression (GEO7Z format)

Angle maps


When particles get stuck in your geometry

Time-dependent mode

Time-dependent mode basics

Coupled SR/vacuum simulation

Coupled Synrad/Molflow simulations