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Molflow documentation

Good for beginners, walks you through the basics of creating a simple geometry and extracting results

Series of narrated screen recordings walking you through Molflow's features

Contains additional information of how pressure is calculated, and how the time-dependent mode works

More detailed description from the user's point of view. Written in 2013, the screenshots are somewhat outdated

Documents what's new




A slightly updated version of the CAS 2017 tutorial

Contains two steady-state simulations: one guiding through simple pumping speed estimation (through manual calculation, formulas, profiles and textures) and one applying these methods on a fictional accelerator part.

​Contains two step-by-step guides to setting up a basic, then a time-dependent example.

​Contains the source files and a step-by-step video of a simple RF cavity pressure calculation



Overview of Monte Carlo simulation methods and Molflow (147 MB)

Molflow online help

Getting started with Molflow






Time-dependent mode

Coupled SR/vacuum simulation

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