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In the Tools / Global Settings menu, you can find a new option: autosave. You can toggle the frequency in minutes, and it is possible to restrict this to only when simulation is running (and when it is assumed that the file save process doesn't interrupt your work).



When an autosave is performed, Molflow creates a regular .geo file (Molflow_Autosave.geo) in its current directory. When the saving is done, it is compressed in the background by 7-zip.

When Molflow exits normally, this autosave file is deleted. Thus, if Molflow finds an autosave file in its directory upon startup, it will be assumed that the previous instance did not exit normally, and the option to reload the autosave file will be offered to the user:


Do you want to disable this functionality? Just enter 9999999, or even better, 1E300 as autosave ferquency :)

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