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Molflow roadmap for 2020

2019 had four important changes concerning the future of Molflow:

  • In the beginning of the year, cross-platform support was added. For this, the separation of GUI (mollfow.exe) and the workers (molflowSub.exe) had to be ended, using instead a single binary with multithreading (Mollfow versions 2.7 and later)
  • In late April, the development of Molflow was put on hold, except for minor bugfixes
  • In June, a PhD student in computer science joined the Molflow team
  • In November, the development resumed, with a new build (2.7.9) released the first time in 6 months

As of the end of 2019, our plan is to...

Histogram plotter

Following user requests, a diagnostic tool has been added to Molflow, providing insight to the behavior of your vacuum system. It can show the dsitribution of the...

  • number of bounces
  • flight distance
  • flight time

...of test particles until they are pumped:

2019-04-08 08_41_28-Window.png

Beta-testing Molflow on Windows, Linux and Mac

2018-10-09 16_14_20-PowerPoint Slide Show  -  Presentation1.png

Particle logger

2018-04-06 09_46_57-Molflow+ 2.6.65 (Apr  5 2018) [].png

Updater tool

Molflow and Synrad now have a lightweight updater tool

2017-11-29 11_48_03-SynRad+ 1.4.18 (Nov 29 2017) [].png


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