As we have come across several issues concerning application crashes and simulation results with the newest Molflow releases from Molflow 2.9 onwards, we would like to address the problem as follows:


Molflow 2.9.2 follows the initial 2.9.0 release of Molflow (skipping a formal 2.9.1 release), while the focus lies mainly on stability and bug fixes, the usability has been improved with the following features:

Smart Selection with increased performance


A new update for Molflow is out!

Molflow 2.9.0 delivers major improvements to the simulation performance as well as a new secondary application:

The MolflowCLI (Command Line Interface)

Molflow Command Line Interrface

In short this gives the possibility to launch simulations on headless computers or work with custom scripts. All details and a user guide can be found in the corresponding documentation:


With the clang compiler and Homebrew updated for Apple silicon, we could compile Molflow for the new ARM architecture.

molflow mac arm


Following another user request and the wish to compare different configurations more easily, we created a new analysis tool: the Convergence plotter. As it is deeply entangled with the Formula Editor, you can open it directly from there (or via the Tools menu).


3D modeling in CAD programs requires a steep learning curve and expensive software.

Using Molflow's built-in editor to create a sequence of apertures and connect them manually is tiresome.

A helper tool, OpticsBuilder can automate the process: it takes a series of apertures (either parametric shapes like circles, racetracks, or custom imported ones).


2019 had four important changes concerning the future of Molflow:

  • In the beginning of the year, cross-platform support was added. For this, the separation of GUI (mollfow.exe) and the workers (molflowSub.exe) had to be ended, using instead a single binary with multithreading (Mollfow versions 2.7 and later)
  • In late April, the development of Molflow was put on hold, except for minor bugfixes
  • In June, a PhD student in computer science joined the Molflow team
  • In November, the development resumed, with a new build (2.7.9) released the first time in 6 months

As of the end of 2019, our plan is to...


Following user requests, a diagnostic tool has been added to Molflow, providing insight to the behavior of your vacuum system. It can show the dsitribution of the...

  • number of bounces
  • flight distance
  • flight time

...of test particles until they are pumped:

2019-04-08 08_41_28-Window.png


2018-04-06 09_46_57-Molflow+ 2.6.65 (Apr  5 2018) [].png

The new particle logger window can record a certain number of hits on one facet, and export the list of hits either to the clipboard or to a CSV file.

Two remarks: