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Beta-testing Molflow on Windows, Linux and Mac

2018-10-09 16_14_20-PowerPoint Slide Show  -  Presentation1.png

Particle logger

2018-04-06 09_46_57-Molflow+ 2.6.65 (Apr  5 2018) [].png

Updater tool

Molflow and Synrad now have a lightweight updater tool

2017-11-29 11_48_03-SynRad+ 1.4.18 (Nov 29 2017) [].png

Angle maps

Starting from version 2.6.58, facets in Molflow+ can have angle maps. 


  • You can record the distribution of the incident angles on a facet
  • You can desorb gas (i.e. generate outgoing angles) according to a recorded distribution
  • You can combine the two modes above: record incident angles on a facet, then use the recorded distribution to generate outgoing angles, either on the same or on a different facet

New geometry editing options

Originally, Molflow+ was intended to be used as a simulator, not a CAD editor - the source of the geometry always had to be an STL file.

Over the years, editing options were added to perform quick fixes on the geometry - such as plugging holes, rotating facets, etc. These functions cumulated, and - whereas Molflow won't ever be able to compete with a dedicated editor - now the user has a handful of editing options.

Starting from scratch

Molflow now starts with an empty geometry by default, and it is possible to start drawing accelerator shapes from scratch:

Designing geometries is now possible thanks to a few new, handy functions:

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