Generating accelerator sequences with OpticsBuilder

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 11:32


3D modeling in CAD programs requires a steep learning curve and expensive software.

Using Molflow's built-in editor to create a sequence of apertures and connect them manually is tiresome.

A helper tool, OpticsBuilder can automate the process: it takes a series of apertures (either parametric shapes like circles, racetracks, or custom imported ones).

  • You can create a custom geometry from scratch, or import a Twiss file from MadX
  • You can export custom aperture shapes from Molflow or write your own coordinate list
  • You can generate the walls (geometry) with on click, and for Synrad, you can also generate the optics (.param and .bxy files)
  • You can save and load your sessions, and even use templates

In the coming days, the documentation will be updated with step-by-step instructions for all new functions.