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Geometry editor: Aligning objects

In the current version of Molflow, it is possible to insert a GEO, TXT or STL file to the current geometry. It is useful if we want to assemble a system from parts that are each represented by a file.

However, snapping the pieces together might be difficult, thus there is a new Facet align option.

To use it, select the object that we want to align.

Then open the Facet align dialog. Upon opening, the selection will be memorized:




Then we have to select the two facets that will be snappe together. Also, we have to define 2-2 points that will be on each other:


Finally, we can align the objects. Note that the order of the selected vertices is not indifferent, therefore we have the Swap vertices  options. If the alignment is not correct, we can use the Undo button. Happy snapping!

Incorrect alignment

Incorrect orientation

Correct alignment

Collapsed object

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