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Changes in Synrad 1.4.14


  • Subprocess status window (during loading) had stop button greyed out
  • File names longer than 64 characters could crash on load

Changes in Synrad 1.4.13


  • Re-enabled support for parallel/orthogonal/full polarization
  • Old scattering model also supports backscatterig
  • New formula editor window


  • Fixed beam offset/divergence to proper Gaussian
  • Instead of error message, 0 magnetic field points are simply omitted
  • Region editor: correct fields greyed out for starting direction
  • "Select non-planar" now selects negative planarities as well
  • Better recognition whether small values are equal or not (for example specific outgassing across selected facets)

Changes in Synrad 1.3.23


  • Fixed random crash usually present when saving geometry

Changes in Synrad 1.3.22


  • "View all structures" command working again
  • Regions don't disappeat when viewing a single structure
  • Fixed a crash that happens when remeshing / deleting a facet from which a texture has been removed
  • "Select facet by number" dialog shows selected facets correctly in facet hit list
  • Theta angle showed correctly between -PI and PI in region point viewer


Changes in Synrad 1.3.21


  • Fixed a crash when removing / updating certain textures
  • Corrected sigma_x_prime description: energy spread moved to nominator


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