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Changes in Synrad 1.3.14


  • Photon generating routine is ~20 times faster with precomputed directional distribution tables
  • Faster binary interpolation speeds up material reflection
  • Can load and insert Molflow-generated XML files


  • Many bug fixes, including handling of large number of regions, recent files menu, autosave, photon generating artifacts
  • Solved a discrepancy between fluxwise/powerwise photon generation

Changes in Synrad 1.3.9


  • Texture size now stored with file. This fixes bugs stemming from rare cases in which rounding errors cause a discrepancy between the stored and the expected texture sizes.
  • If an error happens when loading the textures from a file, the geometry is loaded regardless

Changes in Synrad 1.3.8


  • Added "low-flux mode" which allows to simulate low-flux regions more quickly, at the expense of high-flux regions. Can be a major speedup in scattering problems

Changes in Synrad 1.3.7



  • Can add multiple regions at once (multi-select in the Open file dialog)


  • Removing a region now removes the correct trajectory points
  • Inserting a gemoetry doesn't change the filename

Changes in Synrad 1.3.6


  • Clipboard copy/paste back again!


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