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Changes in Synrad 1.4.21


  • All profiles and spectra count incident and absorbed flux/power/hits separately
  • Added Particle Logger tool (Tools menu)
  • Screenshot tool (CTRL+R)
  • Starting structure changeable for each region
  • SYN file advanced to version 10, earlier versions won't open files written with this version


  • Support for right-handed coordinate system (change in Global Settings)
  • Region editor: can copy beam settings from an other region


  • Collapse bug fix
  • Removed rough surface reflection angle limit (discrete lines in the reflection pattern)
  • Checking for filename conflicts before saving to a syn7z file
  • Fixed enabled/disabled controls in region editor
  • Fixed "invalid autocorrelation length" message
  • BXY file empty lines are skipped (previously gave error)
  • Fixed inserting SYN file
  • param file handle released if loading fails
  • App updater can handle file write errors (crashed before)

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