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Changes in Synrad 1.4.26


  • Combined function magnets (dipole and quadrupole)
    • Read documentation on how to set them up here


  • Fixed incorrect display and collision finding with concave facets
  • Added command to flip normal of old geometries
  • Fixed bug when trying to load non-existing ZIP file

Changes in Synrad 1.4.25


  • Fixed a bug creating leaks on rough surface reflections when low-flux mode is enabled

Changes in Synrad 1.4.24


  • Support for facets belonging to all structures at once


  • Support for compressing files with hundreds of regions
  • Apply button becomes active on Spectrum recording toggle
  • Critical energy calculation more precise
  • Fixed crash when pressing Cancel at Load region to  dialog

Changes in Molflow 2.6.69 and Synrad 1.4.23

  • Added About/License info
  • Fixed a memory management bug causing crashes on geometry change

Changes in Molflow 2.6.68 and Synrad 1.4.22


  • Fixed hard visibility of selected facets (with Texture mode on)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to delete non-existent structure


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