Changes in Synrad 1.4.27

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 14:31



  • Added support for macOS and Linux
  • Triangulate geometry on selected facets
  • Regions: Curved quadrupole support


  • 3D Viewer: Better highlighting for selected facets
  • Region Editor/Info: Filenames with long paths scrolled to end by default
  • FacetID view option (facet number in center)
  • Files with long paths abbreviated in Recent menus


  • Fixed "Ideal beam" not checked on loading
  • Fixed freeze when loading memorized views
  • Fixed missing lighting when loading memorized views
  • Fix "Apply texture" button setting incorrect flags
  • Fixed texture record flags loading in incorrect state
  • Fixed textures not recording on reflection
  • When inserting geometries, teleport numbers are correctly offset

Note: With the cross-platform release, the auto-updater needs to change branch from "synrad_public" to "synrad_pubilc_win", which distinguishes Windows builds from other operating systems. To achieve this, a new configuration file will be created. You will, after the third launch, see again the "Do you want to check for updates?" dialog. Just click Yes. The dialog won't pop up again after future updates.