Changes in Molflow 2.8.5

Thursday, December 17, 2020 - 16:53



  • Allow up to 64 subprocesses (previously 32)


  • Allow dragging with D key and left mouse button hold
  • Allow zooming with Z key and left mouse button hold
  • "Select plotted" button in profile plotter


  • Infinite loop when loading a file with invalid convergence values
  • Crash when using a time-dependent parameter with a t=0 value
  • Very long simulation update time after changing a parameter and restarting
  • Max. reported number of CPU cores now not capped at 16
  • Incorrect values when exporting velocity vector type textures
  • Crash when deleting a structure which is selected
  • Crash after using right-click context menu in Texture plotter window
  • Autosave recovery "Skip" button acted as "Cancel"