Changes in Molflow 2.8.0

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 09:27



  • Histograms saved/loaded with XML
  • Triangulate geometry on selected facets
  • Support of non-square texture cells
  • Add/remove ranges of facets in profile plotter
  • Parameters support lin-log, log-lin and log-log interpolation
  • Time moments can have individual time windows
  • Performance optimization when using many time moments


  • 3D Viewer: Better highlighting for selected facets
  • 3D Viewer/Profile Plotter: Colorcoded highlighting for plotted profiles
  • Profile Plotter: Colorblind (and B/W compatible) profiles
  • FacetID view option (facet number in center)
  • Files with long paths abbreviated in Recent menus


  • XML save files now have root element (disable for backwards compatibility -> Global Settings)
  • Fixed missing lighting when loading memorized views
  • When inserting geometries, teleport numbers are correctly offset
  • Allow again to insert latest (v10) Synrad SYN files
  • Histogram: flight time now distinguished from particle’s system time
  • Split, Explode and Collapse functions maintain per-area outgassing