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Opticsbuilder: importing TWISS files

First you need a MADX-generate TWISS file in the correct format.

  1. Choose the “Export result to Synrad format” tab on the top of the tool (if not by default)
  2. Click Read Twiss File and open the source Twiss file (see an example)
  3. Click Read Aperture button and load the aperture definition file (see example)
  4. If you use the example above, type “IP” in the Search text box, it will find the interaction point.
  5. Click Set selected to set it as 0,0,0 reference and calculate positions in the rest of the machine.
  6. Choose an output directory for the export
  7. Click write param files
  8. Click write BXY file
  9. Click write geom
  10. Open the geometry (txt file written) in Synrad (File/Load)
  11. Load parameters (Region/Load, you can select all in the open file box)
  12. If everything loaded well, I recommend to plug the end of the machine and save it as a syn7z file

Screen recording (27Mb MP4 file)

Youtube version (lower quality) for convenience:


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