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Opticsbuilder: defining a sequence manually

  • You can fill out the table manually, either directly in the tool or in Excel, then pasting it in the table.
  • When you write in the last row, a new row is added automatically.
  • Aperture information is not obligatory.
  • When ready, you have to calculate the position of elements (grey read-only fields) by pressing the Set selected button next to the reference element row.
  • If exporting the geometry, make sure there are no trailing empty lines, which would export empty drifts (use the Remove rows button or set an End row for the export)
  • Once done, set beam parameters
  • Once selected the output directory, export the parameter files, the BXY file and the geometry by pushing the corresponding buttons.

Screen recording (38Mb MP4 file)

Youtube version (lower quality) for convenience:


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