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New quick start tutorial

The best way to get to know Molflow+ is to create a simple test pipe and perform some calculations. To do so, use the tutorial:


If you're stuck at one point, you might find the video tutorial useful. Choose fullscreen and set the quality to 1080p to see the text:


JW (not verified)
Very impressive!
Bravo!!! Impressive. You should prepare a presentation for the other students of the group.
I cant't find the video which is referred in the molflow quick start guide. Is it still existing on this site?
You're right, Frieder, with closing the associated Youtube account the video is lost. In November, when the whole team will be back in office, we'll improve the tutorial section with new narrated videos. We'll also replace this one. Sorry for the trouble
In fact I managed t restore the video, hope it works now.

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