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Martin Eizinger, Christof Obertscheider (Aerospace Engineering Department, University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt),

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M. Ady<>
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T Koevener, D Küchler, V Toivanen>
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D Arominski, A Sailer, A Latina, D Schulte  <>
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XD Luhman<>
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RG Milner<>
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I Bellafont, R Kersevan, L Mether  <>
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Marcel Krause, Joachim Wolf  <>
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MA Sessini  <>


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Wolf, F Harms<>
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V Hauer, C Day  <>
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P Ribes Metidieri, G Bregliozzi, G Iadarolah, G Skripka<>
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O Seify, A Hannah, O Malyshev<>[Fulltext](
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J Calvey, M Borland<>
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E Steffens  <>
  • Monte Carlo simulation of gas free molecular flow in turbo molecular pump's inlet tube
K Sun, S Zhang, Y Li, Z Zhang, H Li, R Mu  <>
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J Ren, Y Zhao, L Bozyk, C Maurer, A Blazevic  <>
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S Szustkowski, S Chattopadhyay, D Crawford<>[Fulltext](
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L Gonzalez, R Kersevan, P Chiggiato, I Bellafont<>
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J Carter, J Zientek, G Wiemerslage, M Lale, M O'Neill  <>
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Hao Zhang (Cockcroft Inst. Accel. Sci. Tech. & U. Liverpool (main)), Marton Ady (CERN), Alexandra Alexandrova (Cockcroft Inst. Accel. Sci. Tech. & U. Liverpool (main)), Elena Barrios Diaz, Nicolas Chritin (CERN), Peter Forck (Darmstadt, GSI), Owain Rhodri Jones, Roberto Kersevan, Thomas Marriott-Dodington, Stefano Mazzoni, Adriana Rossi (CERN), Amir Salehilashkajani (Cockcroft Inst. Accel. Sci. Tech. & U. Liverpool (main)), Gerhard Schneider (CERN), Roland Schnuerer (Cockcroft Inst. Accel. Sci. Tech. & U. Liverpool (main)), Przemyslaw Smakulsk (Wroclaw Tech. U.), Serban Udrea (Darmstadt, GSI), Raymond Veness (CERN), Carsten Welsch (Cockcroft Inst. Accel. Sci. Tech. & U. Liverpool (main))<>
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J Carter<>
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R Lindberg  <>
R Širvinskaitė, OB Malyshev, R Valizadeh, A Hannah<>
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L Prost, JP Carneiro, A Shemyakin <><>


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C. Wang et al. <>
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L Ribó, G Ellish, M Quispe, A Gevorgyan, A Crisol, I Sics  <>
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V Hauer  <>
  • Preparation for Cavity Material Studies at the Vertical High-Temperature UHV-Furnace of the S-DALINAC
Ruben Grewe, Lambert Alff, Jens Conrad, Florian Hug, Thorsten Kürzeder, Marton Major, Norbert Pietralla<>
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Y Li, J Conway, D Burke, A Lyndaker, X Liu, S Barrett  <>
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S Melanson, H McDonald, D Potkins, C Philpott<>
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Y Kubyshin, X Escaler, A Viladomiu, V Shvedunov <>
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B Stillwell, B Billett, B Brajuskovic, J Carter, E Kirkus<><>
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T Honda  <>
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A Vnuchenko, G McMonagle, C Blanch Gutiérrez  <>
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B Stillwell, J Zientek, G Wiemerslage, J Carter  <>
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G. Lanza, D. Gill<>
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G Lanza, D Gill, L Young, S Saraf<>


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Jason Carter  <>[Fulltext](
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