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Changes in SynRad 1.3.5


  • Fixed theta/alpha angle calculation in Region Editor, updated documentation accordingly
  • Fixed: material reflection facets didn't work as link facets

Changes in Synrad 1.3.4


  • More texture export options
  • More reflection tables for different materials, extended validity for all angles. You can add new materials by placing CSV files in the param folder.
  • Regions now have a current (before it was always 1mA)


  • Formula and selection renumbering on facet deletions
  • You can copy charts to clipboard
  • New window to view trajectory points

Changes in SynRad (27 Nov 2013)


  • Fixed: Generated photons Fluxwise but displayed Powerwise

Changes in SynRad 1.2 (26 Nov 2013)


  • Beam current is now a user-defined variable


  • Facet list now refreshes correctly after the "Create difference of 2" function
  • Fixed a bug where textures remained invisible sometimes
  • Beam H/V coupling is now a global region parameter (removed from BXY files)
  • Region export no longer calculates the integrals in all cases

Changes in SynRad 1.1 (06 Nov 2013)


  • All MolFlow features since dec 2012 ported to SynRad (Geometry editors, controls, etc.)


  • Various fixes all around the main program, the worker and the updater modules


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