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Changes in the development version of (27 march 2012)


Different from ver. 2.2

  • 2-sided facets now have 2-sided desorption
  • Slow zooming changed to Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
  • Fast zooming changed to Shift + Mouse Wheel

New Features

  • New tool: vertex selector
  • Select coplanar vertices on screen
  • Create convex polygon from selected vertices
  • Move vertices by offset
  • New facet parameter: "teleport" (for periodic boundary condition)
  • Hit, line and leak caches (last 2048 visible on screen) are now saved
  • Autocorrect non-simple facets (upon load file & collapse)
  • New collapse option: collinear side merge
  • Isolated vertices removed after collapse
  • Facets’ volume/texture display can be toggled individually (Mesh menu)
  • Saving a file inserts it in the "Load recent" list


  • Confirmation dialogs for discarding unsaved changes
  • Antialiasing for facet wireframes (Edit / Global settings)
  • White background option (Edit / Global settings)
  • “.geo” file extension added automatically at save
  • Calculate flow speed / sticking ratio as you type
  • Facet list: Shift + up/down selects multiple rows
  • Option for larger hits
  • Texture viewer: 'Find max' button
  • Start/Stop/Reset simulation buttons reworked to reflect simulation state
  • Number of displayed leaks adjustable


  • Copy All / Copy selected now works correctly in facet list
  • Flow speed calculation fixed
  • L/R=100 test tube size corrected
  • Test tube transition probability formulas corrected
  • Texture Scale MIN value doesn't show bad data when no texture present
  • Recent file list can now display long filenames

Changes in version 2.2


click on a list item to see an example



  • Open / Save dialogs changed to standard Windows dialogs
  • Middle mouse button moves camera
  • ALT+left mouse button moves camera
  • Mouse wheel zoom speed increases while CTRL is pressed
  • Non editable text- and combo boxes are greyed out
  • Structure menu: CTRL-F11 and CTRL-F12 cycles through structures

Bug fixes




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