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Changes in Molflow 2.7.7


  • Profile, Timewise and Histogram plotters now always choose the first available color for new curves
  • Purple highlighting of non-planar facets can be disabled
  • Histogram plotter is now a tabbed window


  • Some file extensions were not selectable for opening on Mac
  • Fixed mouse wheel closing combobox lists
  • Fixed isolated vertice deletion on geometry insert
  • Profile plotter loads results again on loading new file, even if already open

Change in Molflow 2.6.77

  • Bugfix: Flight time histogram works again

Note: Molflow 2.6 will only receive bugfixes, new features are added to 2.7


Changes in Molflow 2.7.6


  • Updating plotter windows when deleting facets, fixing previous crash when referring to non-existing facets
  • Fixed memory leak when deleting plots from Pressure Evolution window

Changes in Molflow 2.7.5

  • Fixed bugs with parameter editor, parameter catalog
  • Fixed a bug when clicking "Import CSV" in dynamic angle maps
  • Fixed a crash when using dynamic angle maps

Changes in Molflow 2.6.76

  • Fixed a bug when clicking "Import CSV" in dynamic angle maps
  • Fixed a bug when loading TXT files with multiple structures


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