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Angle maps

Starting from version 2.6.58, facets in Molflow+ can have angle maps. 


  • You can record the distribution of the incident angles on a facet
  • You can desorb gas (i.e. generate outgoing angles) according to a recorded distribution
  • You can combine the two modes above: record incident angles on a facet, then use the recorded distribution to generate outgoing angles, either on the same or on a different facet

New geometry editing options

Originally, Molflow+ was intended to be used as a simulator, not a CAD editor - the source of the geometry always had to be an STL file.

Over the years, editing options were added to perform quick fixes on the geometry - such as plugging holes, rotating facets, etc. These functions cumulated, and - whereas Molflow won't ever be able to compete with a dedicated editor - now the user has a handful of editing options.

Starting from scratch

Molflow now starts with an empty geometry by default, and it is possible to start drawing accelerator shapes from scratch:

Designing geometries is now possible thanks to a few new, handy functions:

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Changes to inserting files and images to comments

A previous blog entry called Attaching files and images in comments contained a step-by-step guide to... ...well, attaching files and images in comments. Unfortunately the first method relying on the Image Picker module has to be removed, as that module is no longer maintained and poses a security risk. Now we have to use the same method for inserting images as for inserting files:

First we need to upload the the file. For this we click on the Image button on the top of the editor:

Moving parts

Originally added for a simple Gaede pump modelling, Molflow can treat certain facets as "Moving parts", and add a certain velocity vector to the normal rebounce directions of molecules hitting a facet. The velocity vector itself can be set globally through the Tools/Moving parts menu:

Attaching files and images in comments

Dear Molflow users,

The forum has been upgraded to allow inserting images and files. It can be useful for attaching geometries and inserting screenshots.


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