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Installing Molflow on Fedora-based Linux

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Molflow running on lxplus. Right-click to see full-size image


If you're a CERN user and would like to run Molflow on lxplus, see notes at end of page

Since Molflow+ uses C++17 features, it has been compiled with gcc version 8.2. Unfortunately, as of end-2018, this is not available through the yum package manager, therefore I compiled it from scratch and I ship it as a shared library in the lib folder.

It means you must specify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH where the system will look for the file (or symlink).

Therefore do the following:

  1. Download and unzip the zip file from the Downloads page, and open a Terminal in Molflow's directory
  2. Mark Molflow and its utilities executable: chmod +x molflow 7za compress
  3. Add the lib folder to the library path: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH If you want to avoid this every time you launch terminal, you need to edit the ~/.bashrc file, see this example
  4. Launch Molflow: ./molflow

Alternatively, use the shipped script (does points 2-4):

  • chmod +x
  • ./

In case of missing shared libraries, you might have to install SDL2 and gsl:

sudo yum install SDL2 gsl p7zip

Running Molflow on lxplus

  • Connect to lxplus7 (instead of lxplus)
  • If you're on Windows, use Putty and enable X11-forwarding (under the SSH settings set X-11 forwarding to localhost:0). You'll also need an X-Window server, like XMing running.
  • You can put files on CERNBox, accessible from lxplus on the address /eos/home-u/username where username is your NICE login. Note that the suffix letter after home- must match your NICE login initial.
  • lxplus is not suitable for long-term simulations: you can get disconnected and the underlying process killed. Work is in progress to run Molflow on clusters

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