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Installing Molflow on Debian-based Linux

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Molflow only runs on 64-bit Linux versions.

You need to use the terminal to...

  1. Install dependencies
  2. Make binaries executable
  3. Run Molflow

For example, on Ubuntu 18.04, the following is required:

  1. Download and extract Molflow and open a Terminal in the directory where you extracted it
  2. Add the universe repository to the apt package manager (probably you'll get a message that it's already added):
    sudo add-apt-repository universe
  3. Install the SDL2 framework, the GNU Scientific Library and the cblas packages:
    sudo apt install libsdl2-2.0 gsl-bin libatlas-base-dev p7zip
  4. Make the three binaries in Molflow's folder executable:
    chmod +x molflow 7za compress
  5. Run Molflow:

For other Linux versions, the complete list of dependencies (with the apt package name in parentheses) is:

  • GTK+3.0 (libgtk-3-bin)
  • OpenGL (freeglut3-dev, mesa-utils)
  • SDL2 (libsdl2-2.0)
  • libpng (libpng)
  • GNU Scientific Library (gsl-bin)
  • cblas (libatlas-base-dev)
  • Curl (curl)
  • X11 (xauth, xorg, openbox)

I'm happy if you report back errors or failures of the above instructions.

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